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So now there are comments … uh oh!

So I’ve just been playing with blosxom, and have finally set up the comments plugin, fixed the time display, and tweaked the backend to make it less unpleasant on my server’s filesystem. At some point I’ll get around to making the page appear slightly less … er, plain!

But I have to study instead! Hence I am now reading for biochem, even though the exam is a whole week away. However I’m not going to pull a Cara and procrastinate on LJ :-)

In other news, I went wardriving yesterday – well, sort of. I was sitting on the bus, feeling quite bored, until I remembered that I had my laptop in my bag, and I was on the CircleRoute, and therefore passing through several of Perth’s richest suburbs. Surely, I thought, if there are wireless APs to be found, they’ll be in the homes of well-off Peppermint Grove and Dalkeith residents?

So I busted out my Mac and opened iStumbler (not as good as Kismet, but it does the job). This was in Claremont. By the time I got to North Fremantle, I’d passed almost twenty access points. From there until Fremantle train station, I picked up another ten. From inside a bus. With no special hardware.

I was quite impressed, and also quite amused that only two-thirds of the APs had encryption enabled …

  1. This Is A Test
    And just to prove that I have, in fact, got comments working, here is a comment.

    Aren’t we excited now? C’mon, I know you all want to shout out in joy right now …

  2. It works for me too

    I just found a link to this blog on Ricky’s blog. So I look forward to reading it in the coming weeks.

  3. I was wondering where the comments were…
    Hooray! I envy you for not following in my lazy footsteps.

  4. Damn You All!
    Im annoyed. I found out about this before anyone, and yet I only got the third comment. Damn you all!

    Lovely work here, Hourann.

  5. Ain’t this nifty…
    Well, look who’s king of the nerds now. I’ll happily pass on the crown, though! ;) You know what you need now … an RSS/XML feed so lazy people can subscribe and know when to come back and visit.

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