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And now for some sleep …

It’s rather annoying that, when I have exams, I always seem to put everything else on hold. ‘Tis a strange feeling to emerge from that … particularly since I discover all sorts of things I’d missed, like Firefox hitting 1.0 and ICANN being stupid again by changing domain registration rules. Thank goodness Go Daddy let me lock my domains for free. Oh wait, was that a plug?

In other amazing news, I took a natural-gas-powered bus today, which was cool, except that the interior is an ugly over-designed version of the earlier model. Also I wonder whether it really is more environmentally friendly, since the natural gas engine has less grunt than a diesel engine. This is fine once the bus picks up speed, but Perth bus drivers are crazy, so my driver kept gunning the engine. So much for putting out less carbon dioxide …

Heh, now I’m ranting about buses. Man, I should listen to myself more often. Maybe I can just blame all the above randomness on the fact that my brain is presently more than a bit messed up, this being because I’ve had to switch from cramming about the International Criminal Court and international non-governmental organisations on one day, to polynomial rings and the RSA cryptosystem the next day, to the isozymes of lactate dehydrogenase on the next day. It’s times like this, I wonder whether it was wise to have chosen a double degree …

  1. Hmm… this is …. disturbing!
    Thought I’d comment on how disturbing it is that you actually linked all of the things that you felt so necessary to point out. No, I did not visit them. Any of them.

    I too am working hard for exams. Mine is on wireless networks, data abstraction and structures, and databases. At this point I’m so not interested in any of the topics nothing is sinking in… bah I say…

    Now that I’ve stolen you blogg and filled it with misspelled words and poor grammer, I shall leave. Good luck with the rest of your exams, should you have any more pending.

    Ye’ol’pal (well mabey not ol’)

  2. I deny this vehemently!
    It’s comforting that you criticise me for linking and not for ranting about a bus; this indicates that either I am less weird than I thought, or you are more weird than I thought :-) As for the links, well what can I say, such is the magic of Google. And as for exams, well mine are over, which I meant to say in the original post, but I think it got buried under all my vague ramblings.

  3. Its cool that you did the linking. I never do. Im too lazy. If only I had some system which automagically found them for me. Kinda like Wikis ConcatenationOfStringsAutomaticallyLinking.

    RSA is cool. For sending keys. Noone uses it for anything else.

    Oh, and those buses produce no CO2 (arent they running on H2, not natural gas?). They claim Zero Emissions!

  4. If you didn’t already believe I spend too much time on buses …
    Actually, there’s two sets of prototype buses on Perth’s roads. Three run on hydrogen and are white; they have a chunky bit on top where the hydrogen tanks are. A second set of two or three run on natural gas and are painted in the usual grey Transperth regalia. Alas, I can’t find any links for the latter.

  5. [...] Back when the CNG buses first appeared I commented on the interior design, which seemed ugly at the time but has since grown on me. These newer natural gas buses feature sexy black plastic handles on the seats (not only is black the new black, it’s the new yellow!) and the surveillance camera mountings are much, much more subtle. Other changes include better lighting (with reading lights for the kids at the front) and … dig it … openable windows! But there are only four of them, and they’re small, so I doubt they’re of any real use. [...]

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