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It’s World AIDS day, and the start of summer, so I’ll rant.

Egad, it’s been, like, ages since I posted here. Could this be confirmation that, through a cruel and evil twist of fate, I am actually more busy after exams than before? (Admittedly, I’m busy with parties and paid work rather than cramming and, er, cramming, but still)

One thing that I have done: the City of Perth recently released a concept plan for development on the western city foreshore. Feeling, as I was, politically minded, I went and submitted my views, making sure to refer to standard lefty rants like the environment and Aboriginal heritage (although seriously, in much of the CBD there’s hardly any sign that Aborigines exist). I also made sure to litter it with buzzwords that will hopefully make local government bureaucrats love me. Next target, the City of Cockburn‘s somewhat annoying plan to close the road just opposite my house.

Actually, on that note … this blog is too young for me to have commented on the Federal election, and I did restrain myself from the urge to comment on the US election, so maybe I’ll rant about the pending State election instead. In the blue corner we have Colin Barnett, who has some impressive ideas, but is, as a leader, so inept that he makes Mark Latham look like John Curtin (actually, having gone to a high school named for Curtin, it’s probably sacreligious of me to say that …).

In the red corner, Geoff Gallop, a highly intelligent and well-read man (he won a Rhodes scholarship, after all), who has finally delivered on the yonks-old promise of bringing rail to the southern suburbs, and has made impressive moves in improving the quality of WA governance (Dialogue, et al), but is sufficiently bone-headed that he’s let services like mental healthcare deteriorate to the point that nobody cares about the other stuff he’s doing.

Maybe I should just vote Green? Or are One Nation gonna take a crack at WA again?

Oh, btw, as a random concluding note: I managed to rear-end a van at about 8 km/h last week, in a car that doesn’t belong to me :-(
Anyone know a good (and by that I mean cheap) panel-beaters?

  1. I like Geoff Gallop. I hate Colin Barnett. So I guess that decides that. Although, I was unaware of the mental health issues of which you speak. Seeing as I am the neuroscientist and all, I should be (I actually am) passionate about that issue. So we will see…

    A shame to hear about your car bingle. Sorry I can’t help. But I will give you a comforting pat on the back. :P

    You should update more often, yo.

  2. Tut tut, Cara, letting the personalities get in the way of policy. Not that I dont agree. But anyway.

    Try Graffitti Smash Repairs in Bentley. They are awesome. On Cams old mate John Lang up in Joondalup… but thats even further away.

    Oh, and a request: put a ‘http://’ in the email/web box for us!

  3. It will be fixed, er, soon.
    Well it so happens that there is a re-write of the backend coming Real Soon Now that will fix all your worries and much, much more. I promise! Oh, and thanks for the info, I shall Investigate Further.