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My slightly bizarre Christmas Eve

Spotted on the pavement of St George’s Terrace:

What a bizarre way to promote a movie (if indeed it is a promotion, and not the act of some weirdo vandal). This spraypainted logo for the movie I Love Huckabees was on an otherwise bland patch of footpath, along which I was travelling today. I wonder if this is a lone act of randomness, or are there more of these somewhere?

Before seeing strange messages on footpaths, I did successfully complete my Christmas shopping today — and not a moment too soon, either! Admittedly, I did have Cara’s help, but in return, I showed her cool bookshops, and recommended the purchase of a funky ceramic cow from Asiatree. And now, having succumb to the wiles of the capitalist holiday-redefinition machine, I feel all wholesome and complete, and ready for another dose of Christmas Day action.

Speaking of presents, yay for me, I have received an early Crimbo present! This was in the form of my new hardware, which arrived today. I am happy, since now I have a computer that’s not ancient, although I’m a tad amused to see this in the new mainboard’s manual:

The slots in this motherboard are designed to hold expansion cards and connect them to the system bus. Expansion slots are a means of adding or enhancing the motherboard’s features and capabilities. With these efficient facilities, you can increase the motherboard’s capabilities by adding hardware which performs tasks that are not part of the basic system.

Wow. That sounds like the sort of amazing feature that they should put into everyone’s computers.

  1. Ive seen that same thing on the footpath in Freo. Some marketing company should be fined.

    Boffins is awesome.

  2. The girl who got my ceramic cow absolutely LOVED it. Awesome.

  3. Oh, and apparently that camera we saw did film us, or at least me. My parents saw it. Doh!

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