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My workplace used to be clean …

So I arrived at work today, for the first time after our two-week Christmas break, only to discover that my normal entrance was blocked. And to think, these guys were supposed to have been finished last week, taking away their horrid mess with them.

Shortly thereafter, I discovered Toby’s handiwork outside of our storeroom. I call it Rat Central B, or the Stuff We Want Someone To Steal pile.

  1. Can you steal me a 17inch monitor? Plllleeeeeaaaaase?

  2. You are on hold.
    You are currently 4th in a queue of 4 people waiting for a free monitor. Your call is important to us; please be assured that an operator will attend to your request shortly.

  3. I’d like…
    Hey, can I grab some free stuff too?

    [evil on hold music]

    Alright, later then.


  4. HUGE mess
    I empathise with you wholeheartedly! My workplace is being renovated also and I had the joy of turning up to a 7am shift to find that not one, not two, but three entrances were closed off. very frustrating.

    currently i am being lost in the equally disastrous reid.mmmmm

  5. der ueber badger

    oh no! we have been discovered – there WAS evidence…… NOOO!!!!!!!

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