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So I’ve been watching the Aussie Open every now and again, and there have been some cool moments (like when Molik trounced Venus Wiliams, which was awesome). But I must say, I’ve been somewhat disappointed so far by the supposed “big games” of the tournament.

Last week there was Rusedski vs. Roddick, which was supposed to be The Awe-Inspiring Game Of Super-Fast Serves, but was actually one-sided as Roddick walked all over his British opponent. There weren’t even that many big serves! And tonight there was the game that was supposed to be the biggest of the tournament — Roger Federer vs. Andre Agassi — and again, the younger guy just out-classed the older one. So much for these being awesome drawn-out battles of strength and courage.

Speaking of drawn-out battles, my goodness, the Premier has finally called an election. Since my last post here about state politics, Colin Barnett doesn’t seem to have become any less dodgy, although there does at last seem to be something being done about our archaic retail trading rules. Maybe the campaign will contain enough boundless excitement to convince me to post here more often?

  1. Hooray for being able to shop when I want!

    The only problem with the two party system is that we have one party which thinks about the future and one party that thinks about the now. Which means that every few years, you need the now party to come in and save money and reduce the debt so that the future party can come along and spend it all again on stuff we will need. Then again, the Now Party also builds useless idols to itself.

    In any case, I vote Democrat and Green. Its what they least expect.

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