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Leaders? What, we have leaders?

So I have just been bored out of my skull by watching Seven’s WA government leaders’ debate. I think I can fairly confidently say that not one word spoken by the pollies in that hour was not already written somewhere in a party press release. Except perhaps for Geoff Gallop’s admission to taking a puff of cannabis and being a major nerd.

Speaking of Gallop, I reckon he was the clear winner, though only because he spoke, dressed, and avoided questions in the true style of a highly seasoned politician. Barnett, meanwhile, needs to get his aides to teach him some TV skills.

I was amused by Barnett’s concern for the health of Cockburn Sound when talking about Labor’s desalination plant, what with his party having been the one that screwed it up in the first place (Jervoise Bay project, anyone?). Also entertaining was when he fumbled over the cost of his water canal to the Kimberly … was that two million dollars? Two billion? Is there a difference?

Barnett was impressive, though, at ripping into Gallop on the power issue. My money has to be on metro electricity supply as the win-or-lose issue in this election, and the Libs have definitely taken a pretty good shot at it.

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