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Stupid northern suburbs residents …

What’s the bet that the picture editors of the Sunday Times don’t live in the southern suburbs?

In their dual-page spread on cost blowouts for the southern suburbs railway (which, admittedly, is a very poor indictment of the State Government), they showed some photos of problem areas in the construction work. Except that for “Leach Highway”, they used a picture of South Street, with Murdoch Park n Ride clearly visible (and the real Leach Highway also visible in the distance). For “South Street”, they showed Rowley Road, which is 20 kilometres further south (here’s a tip: Murdoch has not been surrounded by bushland for many years, kids). And for “Thomas Road, Kwinana”, they showed … another photo of South Street, this time from a different angle.

’Tis a quality News Limited publication, indeed.

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