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Don’t panic!

This evening, after some America’s Army and BZFlag (mmm, jumping tanks …) with the boys from work in the G5 lab, I met up with Anna to go see The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.

My opinion? I don’t care about the critics bagging it — that movie is awesomeness incarnate. Even for someone like Anna who’s read the books.

Stephen Fry is awesome as the narrator, and Alan Rickman is the most perfectly-cast depressed robot I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen many a poorly-cast depressed robot, I tells ya!). The puppet effects are typical high-quality Henson work, and the Magrathean planet-building factory is some jaw-dropping CG art.

Of course, it’s not perfect, but it’s an awful lot better than anything else that Disney have financed recently (not counting the Pixar films, of course). I recommend it.

And on an entirely unrelated note … while reading news of Blair’s win in the UK, I noticed a story about an astrologer suing NASA over the Deep Impact mission which will, apparently, violate the natural balance of the universe. So how long will it be before they get issued a fine for littering on Mars?

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