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It’s Batman!

Huzzah, the exam dragon has been slain! I am now free to do other things … like go see the new Batman movie. (I’d been suitably impressed by the ads in the West last week featuring lots of bats overlaid on a picture of Perth.)

I’ll say this: Batman Begins is indeed cool, perhaps even cooler than Revenge of the Sith (hrm, will I be flamed for saying that?). Tama is correct to praise the treatment of Batman’s history, and there’s also some very nice cinematography. For fans of the comics, this is quite a good film, and if you’re just generally into CG explosions or cool jujitsu moves, there’s plenty to satisfy.

However, if you’re looking for even vaguely scientifically valid explanations for Batman’s cool toys, this is not the film for you. As Ricky observes, it all falls apart if you’ve done year twelve physics (I mean, c’mon, an oversized microwave is the best super-weapon you can concoct?). It also doesn’t help to have done first-year biochemistry (“protein-based enzymes”, anyone?), or any kind of mechanical engineering (what was with that car? sure it looked cool, but …).

Other than that, ’twas a nice way to relax after exams :-)

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