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I have new speakers!

Logitech X-230 right speaker

Thanks to Electronics Boutique’s sale that just ended (plus Shane’s staff discount) I decided that I could afford a nice new set of Logitech X-230 speakers. They’re not shiny high-end audiophile gear (apparently this is “entry level” … at $100 RRP!) but they seem to do a decent job, being perfectly suited to games. They even do a decent job of playing music, too!

Unfortunately it seems they were designed by someone who is hard of hearing in the low frequency ranges. Even with the bass dial at its lowest setting, everyone seems to agree that they pump out insane levels of bass — it’s worse than what the average car stereo sounds like from the next lane at the traffic lights. On the upside, if you crank up the bass dial, place it near a wall, and have a wood-framed house, people three streets away will be complaining about that house with the obnoxious music!

An update to my whinge from last night: now AOL are getting all self-congratulatory for their coverage even though the article doesn’t quote one word from the “critics” that its headline refers to! If you had any doubt that AOL sucks as much now as it did in 1997, let it be dispelled now.

(In fairness to them, their servers did hold up much better than most other sites would have under a load of 150k simultaneous clients, but then Google or Akamai would barely blink with those numbers. Also, the American TV broadcast was apparently even worse.)

  1. I love these speakers.for the price you can’t beat them .loads of houes shaking bass and good sound quality

  2. i have just bought these speakers and they sound really good. its true about the bass issue stated in the orginal post at the top. This is however not a problem for me as i like bass. :) :P

  3. I would have to say that these speakers produce a very equal, clean sound, no nasty peaks or dips with them. I payed 50 bucks for them at Circuit city, and I would have to say they are great for the money, as far as the bass issue goes I agree that they are very strong, but that in my opinion is a good thing, I love loud bass. As far as if it were to loud, you could always use the eq on your media player, I use iTunes, and the eq on it works wonders with these speakers.

  4. While those are fair comments, most games don’t have an EQ …!

  5. Just got these today, and for the price, I’m incredibly impressed. They go very loud and have enough bass to shake the glasses in the kitchen. VERY nice for $50.

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