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Live 8 … not so live

If you haven’t noticed, I too have jumped on the bandwagon of the current Make Poverty History campaign, if only because this one might actually bring about real change, and has already achieved more than most other attempts of the sort. So as part of this weekend’s festivities, I though I might check out Live 8 as well.

Apparently they reckon that 5.5 billion people will be able to watch the concerts! For crying out loud, there’s 500 million people in poverty in China alone, let alone bloomin’ Africa! (you know, Africa, that place that the concerts are supposed to be about?)

Of course, the number of viewers might be higher if the stupid AOL site was built well enough to handle a decent load without crumbling … for crying out loud, a 400k stream should be smooth on a 1500k line!

The redeeming grace: in Paris, Muse, as always, were awesome.

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