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Train bombs again?

Once again, there’s been a terrorist attack in a big Western city. I hope the mad rush to blame Islamic terrorists isn’t wrong … and I can’t wait to hear the fear-mongers remind us that it could happen here any time now! (although yes, in fairness, it might, just as terrorists might hit Moscow or Jakarta or Madrid. Oh wait …)

I have to say that I’m very impressed with the way London’s authorities seem to have handled this, coupled with the determined reaction of many City folk to not shut their lives down the way much of New York did in 2001. Aside from the inevitable chaos in public transport, London has continued to work reasonably normally over the last 24 hours — even the cricket went on long enough for Australia to get trounced!

I suspect the fact that not too many people died is an indication of how effective that response was — I for one am glad that no one I know seems to be hurt.

Even more amazing is the response of the online crowd, with both Wikipedia and Technorati carrying much, much more information, and more accurate information, than any of the commercial media.

And aside from everything else, it was very amusing to see G Dubya standing behind Tony Blair at Gleneagles, itching to make a profound leaderly statement of his own :-)

  1. [...] This is suddenly relevant, I think, considering that barely a year after the London bombings, terrorists have struck commuter trains again, this time in Mumbai (a.k.a. Bombay). This happened three hours ago, so no one’s claimed responsibility, but the early finger-pointing is at Islamic terrorists angry at the situation in Kashmir. (Some American conspiracy theorists are pointing to Al-Qaeda, but hey.) [...]

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