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Crazy construction workers?

Today the Esplanade train station construction site in Perth was dead silent. The workers had called a strike, except that it wasn’t a “strike”, it was just everyone happening to chuck a sickie at exactly the same time.

I am becoming increasingly annoyed by these crazy militant unions and I suspect there’s a few others around town who agree. I mean, fair enough that they have a right to disagree with their employer, but there comes a point when too many strikes just won’t do anything, and the unions have already delayed the rail project quite seriously. There are now months of extra freeway disruptions that I will have to endure on my daily commute, and thousands of others are affected too.

I’d put up with it if they were being paid like third-world labourers. But there’s a massive skills shortage in construction, the labour market is tipped way in favour of workers, and it takes two years just to build a house. Something tells me that construction workers really don’t have it that bad.

I am thinking they should just get back to work and finish the damn train station!

  1. Hourann, you should calm down. You seem to be slightly… stressed? Pay us another random visit some time and have some q3 fustration relief :p

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