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A random list of stuff

  • I am presently short of sleep, money, petrol, and pasta sauce, in that order.
  • Both Ricky and Cara have been rather quiet lately. Coincidence? I think not!
  • Like everyone with a 3D card and broadband line, I’ve been playing with Google Earth (and also the web-app version). Even for non-US locations it has lots of cool stuff, like elevation data (w00t!) plus markers for lakes and towns that seem to have only just appeared. And in the US, tick the “Keyhole Community” layer option to see such fascinating markers as World’s Largest Light Bulb and CURL UP AND DYE.
  • I wonder, just what have the designers at Apple been smoking these days?
  1. Hey! I don’t like what you are insinuating there young man!

    I have been quiet on the LJ front, its true. But it is mainly due to lack of things to talk about right now… that, and I don’t spend a great deal of time on the computer anymore.

    I am at uni everyday this semester, we should catch up and do lunch one day yah?

  2. I have World of Warcraft. Colour me nerdboy.

    I still Livejournal occasionally. I even Blog-City when I remember to. But it seems blogging is no longer a requirement for my emotional stability and/or curing boredom. And re-reading that last post I notice some horrible grammar. Ugh. I am slipping.

  3. Apple have been smoking
    It seems that Apple can’t let go

    not to mention they talk about their 360 deg control as revolutionary. In fact they talk about the whole mouse as evolutionary. Clearly, its still a “four” button optical mouse, that looks good. But not revolutionary!

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