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A few random rants

  • I will not add to the mess of debate surrounding the US government’s respose to Hurricane Katrina, but what’s with this oil company profiteering at the petrol bowser? Suddenly buses seems more tolerable than they were.
  • Pity the big music companies; their complete lack of foresight when it became possible to distribute music online is allegedly giving them some serious financial headaches (although I suspect the real reason is just that they keep pushing the same %#@$ down people’s throats). If only they’d realise (shock, horror) the market has changed!
  • That poor old Family First senator from Victoria has learnt that just because John Howard promised him “family impact statements” doesn’t mean he was ever going to get them. Although it’s nice to skip yet another layer of bureaucratic report-writing in the government process, I wonder if it’s at all wise to be selling Telstra at $4.34?
  • For some reason the WA Local Government Association saw fit to take out a newspaper ad today calling for compulsory voting for local government. Says I: what the? Their ad prattles on about the effects of compulsory voting for state and Federal government while neglecting to mention that the reason people care about them is that they’re just a touch more important to life than local governments are!

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