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Damn this being busy …

It disappoints me to be able to confirm my recent experience: things get busier for me in the uni holidays than during semester itself. And here I was hoping I could look forward to the study break. Grrr.

I am presently sitting and staring at an Apple Remote Desktop window that is taking forever to do its thing. (I mean seriously, does it take that long to update Firefox on thirty iMac G5s?)

In mildly more exciting news, I went to see Stealth yesterday, expecting to chill out with just another mindless action movie. But I was pleasantly surprised to see some attempt at depth and character development which (although not huge) made the frenetic (but so very slick!) Hollywood action that much more bearable. Also, the CG graphics were nice, and I was actually convinced by their depiction of a crazy futuristic plane taking off from an aircraft carrier. (At least I think it was CG ― somehow I doubt that that airframe could actually fly.)

P.S. on the off chance that anyone reading this hasn’t yet been invited to my 21st, tell me so! It is this Friday and should be awesome, although actual awesomeness is not guaranteed. Ha!

  1. Id just like to apologise for not being able to come to your wondrous event, because I just realised that Ill be on a plane as of approximately 10pm.

    Sorry dudearoo. Have a great time. I will instruct a certain housemate of mine to ensure he provides you with a certain modulator-demodulator.

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