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Party photos and Nobel Prizes

Thanks to all who made it to my party last weekend and a thousand rabid monkeys to those who failed to come. (Actual rabid monkeys are optional, but only because of budget cuts, not any sort of kindness on my part.)

Some of the hilarity that occurred is captured in these photographs taken by Cara, Daniel, and Korin, which you might like to peruse … well maybe.

In other exciting news today, the dude who lectured me in Molecular Biology yesterday just won himself a Nobel Prize! This is the first Nobel to go to a UWA person (no longer can the unis of Sydney, Adelaide, and Melbourne claim exclusivity!) and indeed the first to go to West Australians, which I think says more about northern-hemisphere bias than anything else ;-)

Sadly (but not surprisingly, considering past Aussie Nobel winners) all the major news sites ? even Aunty ? have dropped the story from their front pages already. Apparently bombs killing two dozen people are a bigger story.

Better yet, Yahoo! News is listing this in their Oddly Enough section just cause they hadn’t heard the story that’s circulated round Perth for ages, that Barry Marshall ate some Helicobacter pylori when no one believed him that they caused stomach ulcers. Meh.

  1. You needed more hott ladies.
    This girl (,%209-00-42%20AM.html) looks like Callums friend Addy. Can you confirm or deny they are one and the same?

  2. I can state your claim to be false; she is, in fact, Adrian’s friend Chelsea, and does not know your crowd. On the topic of having, er, “hott ladies”, well most of them cancelled on me at the last minute. At least, that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it …

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