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Procrastination, yay!

Sitting in the library while I should be essay-writing, I’m presently feeling …

  • relieved that the essay-o-doom that I had due this morning is done ― twas slightly rushed but I think I gave the topic a reasonably thorough treatment. I must say, it’s rather cool to be doing a degree where I get to write essays about pictures of naked women ― and no, not that type of picture you dirty sod :-P
  • worried that there are two more essays-o-doom due in the next five days, particularly considering my progress is, um, not too great …
  • annoyed that the people sitting across from me (in the library, do recall) can’t stop talking to each other, right under a sign saying “silent study area”! Fair enough if you see someone and whisper to them for two minutes, but it’s been a bloody hour!
  • happy that in the space of thirty minutes today I randomly ran into three awesome people who I normally never see at uni, all in the library café.
  • freaked out (still) by the random stunt I witnessed yesterday: while I was at the main UWA bus stop at 6pm (the crowd waiting there was bigger than normal, not sure why), four guys wearing identical overalls pulled up their car onto the grass median of Stirling Hwy in front of us. They pulled out a jack and spare tyre as if they had a flat … but they didn’t. They started to jack up the car (on grass, so it rose all of 2cm) right after slowly stripping off their overalls to reveal bare chests & boxers. One of them took it all off and paraded nude along the median for a few minutes, then jumped back in the car and drove as the bus came. I am not making this up (honest!). What the?!
  1. If you’re the only one who saw those guys at the bus stop, perhaps you’ve just been studying too hard ;)

  2. But it wasn’t just me, I swear! There were like 50 people at the stop, all of them just as freaked out as me …

  3. nekkid women paintings: hmm, are you in arts?

    library: wahlau, under the sign summore… should had taken a pic, ‘irony of the day’. like the bigmouths in the cinema. if only u had popcorns to throw at the silence-breakers, lol.

    4 guys: did they have the word ‘monty’ on their overalls? were they hot? then i wouldnt mind looking XD. that’s pretty brave… what if someone laughs?

  4. Hi gianne, welcome to my blog. I am indeed an arts student, but I’m also a science student, because I’m a crazy double-degree person. (This and other exciting topics were to be addressed in the Amazing Facts About Hourann page that never got constructed.) As for the fellas at the bus stop: well I’m hardly the best judge but I didn’t think they were that hot, although they were probably hotter than me (which ain’t saying much). And lots of people were laughing, I suspect that that was the point …

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