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Two down …

Woohoo! I have now completed the second of my essays-o-doom, and only one remains. Unfortunately it is the biggest, hardest, doom-iest one :-(

On a much brighter note, let me use this post to formally announce that Hourann Is Going On A Holiday ™ ― yes I know it’s quite remarkable and unexpected, but would you believe, it’s true! Plans are in the final stages of finalisation as we speak, but it’s currently looking like starting 18 December and lasting three weeks, being a bit of a rail tour of the south-east coast. First the Indian Pacific to Adelaide, then the Overland to Melbourne, and the XPT on to Sydney, with a bit of a stop in each (plus some time in the Blue Mountains to boot). Should be very cool …

  1. Hmmm, 18th December + 3 weeks = you are back 2 weeks before my birthday.

    Ok, you have my permission to go. :P

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