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Greatest. Horse. Ever.

Two years ago I was impressed by a big South Australian mare winning the Cup. Last year I was just happy to get a free lunch off my sister’s bet. This year … wow.

Makybe Diva wins the 2005 Melbourne Cup

The commentators on TV were all gushing about how a third consecutive Cup was amazing, history in the making, iconic, and all that. For once, they’re right.

  1. u are so kool i love horse and makybe diva is my fav animal

  2. i love Maybe Diva she is so great i wish i had a foal out of her.

  3. makbe Diva is so cool she is such a great horse i wish i could ride her in the Melbourne Cup.

  4. jennifer cole

    makybe diva is the best horse in the world i wish i owned her

  5. makybe diva is so awsome i wish owned her. can i buy her of you

  6. that run was awesome. the result sure foaled me! ha ha ha, what a pun ay???

  7. Go Diva’s foal, Rockstar!

  8. my dream was always to ride her

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