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Crazy union protestors

Woohoo! Exams are over, so today I went into Perth to hang out with cool people (fancy that! It’s not something I’ve done in a while.)

While there, I saw the front of today’s big protest rally meandering ominously down William Street (which I’d wanted to cross), so I ran against a red light and paused in the shadow of the BankWest building as the procession went by. It was big and colourful and noisy and cool, except that I was hoping it would be bigger and there were a few moments where it was decidedly not noisy.

Marchers waiting ... at the traffic lights   Heavies from the CFMEU
Even an ambulance joined in on the fun!   Communist Party, anyone?

Those bright red flags in the last photo say “Communist Party of Australia”. They were being carried by a group of three middle-aged blokes. Solidarity, comrades!

The TV news quoted a union source who estimated a turnout of 30 000 people, and other estimates of around 10 or 15 thousand. I reckon they’re all wrong: there are more people wandering around UWA most days than were in that march. I would put the numbers closer to 7 000 or 8 000.

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