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Sony’s stuff-up

Meh, so much for keeping to an I-will-post-more-because-exams-are-over publishing schedule. To fill in this temporary break in transmission, I think I’ll discuss everyone’s least favourite music company (this being the same company that still refuses to sell songs on the Aussie iTunes store, do recall).

It amuses me to think of what the executives of Sony/BMG must be thinking as their “we put a rootkit on our customer’s PCs” debacle gets progressively worse. Even better, Google gives this issue very high placement in searches for both ‘rootkit’ and ‘sony’. I hope that they pay severely for this stuff-up, although I fear that they won’t (what with them being able to pay for big lawyers or buy out members of the US Congress).

Alas, even if they do get nailed, I suspect they’ll just keep going with even more draconian measures on CDs (making them infected with DRM, even).

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