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Woo! New stuff!

Late, over-budget, and not quite as good as in the original plan. Heck, I couldn’t be more like a government contractor if I’d tried!

So yes, this blog is all new and different-looking, and I’ve finally gone and replaced the back-end software with something that doesn’t suck. (On that note, WordPress is awesome, although the import plugin I used was kinda dodgy and I had to modify it myself.)

I’m not 100% confident about making this site “live”, since it’s still very rough around the edges and I’m sure there’s something critically important that I’ve forgotten. But at least it gives me a much nicer admin panel for when I go off on holiday and use those crazy Internet café things, away from the comfort of my laptop’s dev tools.

  1. I like it. I suspect WP is better than MovableType, despite the tenacity of which its use is defended in my place of work.

    I note my mostly-dead blog has been delinked. Probably a good move.

  2. Wow, this is a pretty site.

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