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In a variety of games

There are certain truths that society holds evident. For example, the Nazis were defeated in World War II. America lost in Vietnam. In the game world, you can turn such historical truths on their head.

The SMH provides a horribly stereotypical, and yet surprisingly accurate, depiction of life as viewed through the eyes of your average console gamer.

Over in Melbourne, and in a different kind of game, it was tragic to see Justin Henin-Hardenne (easily one of the strongest female tennis players around) having to retire — sure I wanted to see Mauresmo win, but only after three sets! At least the men’s doubles immediately afterwards was an awesome game with some of the coolest lobs I have ever seen. All four of those blokes are champs.

Oh, and also, I just returned from Cam’s birthday party, which was awesome … for there was foosball!

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