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Wishing I was in NYC right now …

Reasons to get an E-3 visa and move to New York, no. 73: the new, shiny, and enormous Apple store that never closes.

Shiny new Apple store in New York City
photo by ultrahi

Although I’d probably never buy anything from it, that glass cube is just so very cool!

(In other Apple news, the new TV ads must be up there with the best they’ve ever done — so much so that CAD’s spoofed them, albeit with a tired and easily-disproven line. Also, I must admit to being very tempted by the new MacBooks …)

  1. I’ll be buying a MacBook when Leopard is released. I’ve heard that the current MacBooks are having heat problems and the like. It can’t harm waiting 6-12 months for the bugs to be ironed out right? :)

  2. It wouldn’t surprise me if there are teething issues with the new MacBooks — they’re using a new manufacturing contractor (Asus, as I recall) and they have an unusually large number of low-level changes.

    Also, keep in mind Apple’s hardware development is on a different schedule to their software development. I reckon it’s better to buy a MacBook when they release the second (hardware) generation, which may be well after Leopard’s release. And don’t forget about the student discount! ;-)

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