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A tall ship! With Mexicans!

This morning the Mexican Navy’s training and goodwill barque CuauhtĂ©moc ended its stay in Fremantle and sailed for Melbourne.

It lights up very nicely at night and made quite an impressive sight all week as my CircleRoute pulled in to Fremantle after long cramming sessions at uni. But it wasn’t until I was out and about yesterday that I had a chance to get some half-decent photos.

The Mexican barque Cuauhtémoc A Mexican flag by our very own Maritime Museum!

A military guard watches the curious Australians The eagle and the snake Engine controls in Spanish!

  1. Oh, thanks for the photo’s, nice!

    I blogged about this last week, but on Monday it hadn’t arrived yet, and this weekend we went down south!


  2. Like I said on msn yesterday, nice pics here hon =^-^=
    Hourann? I thought it was Aaron… Well, don’t I feel silly… It also answeres my “Pencil guy? Does he draw?” question

  3. hi hourann! i was wondering who azza-bazoo was lol. how are you these days? exams going ok? good luck! how long to go? we should luncheon one of these days :)

  4. I forgot to add, here’s my LJ like I said I’d tell ye =^-^=


  5. wow i am mexican and i loive in california and i love the mexican flag im working on geting one

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