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The inevitable reactions

Maybe it’s better, in an ignorance-is-bliss kind of way, that I missed the big game last night ;-)

There’s lots of disappointment, with even poor Johnny expressing sadness (on that note, perhaps we can blame Italian politics?). I can only imagine what vitriol was cast at the referees around this country’s pubs and big outdoor screens.

Indeed, there is almost universal disgust at the refereeing … although it’s probably just blame-shifting for a team that was good but perhaps not great. At least the ride was fun while it lasted.

And as many people have noted, there is an important legacy: ‘Australia’ and ‘soccer’ (‘football’, if you prefer) will never again be two words that look weird next to each other.

  1. Loved the way the Socceroos fought, the rugby tackle was outrageous, almost all the Brits I knew wanted OZ to go through. Lousy refereeing…

  2. It was a swindle. I feel really sorry for Australia. When I was watching how Socceroos were not able to win the match, I told my Dad: “These Italians do always the same, they will win”. And unfortunately I was right.

    Regards from Buenos Aires, hope we will win on Friday…

  3. Wow, great to hear we’re earning support from overseas as well :-)

    (speaking of which: Daily Dose has some great shots of Canadians supporting the wrong team!)

    I shall be sure to cheer for Argentina this Friday, but you guys will be in for a fight; the German team seem to be doing a good job riding their home-ground advantage …

  4. I’m now hoping for a Spain-Argentina final.

  5. lol, I hope you realise the blame-shifting was a little tongue in cheek there =)

  6. What? you mean Australian bloggers don’t always take soccer seriously, and actually make jokes about it? Surely not!

  7. Did I say Spain? I meant France, err, England…Portugal? =)

  8. Ukrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraine!

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