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Down with the old building!

I shall chalk up my lack of posting to suddenly falling ill in the last few days, and to my attempt at clawing back from a position of behind-schedule-ness (with, alas, only limited success). But while I’ve been at UWA all week, I did get a chance to pull out my camera, as a response to the constant crunching sounds of demolition equipment bringing down the old Chemistry building.

The new chemistry building behind the half-demolished old one   Trails of rubble left by the demolition gear   It's 1.12 in a top floor lab

The once-busy UWA chemistry entrance   Backhoe framed by trees and grass

On the one hand, it’s kinda sad to see labs in which I spent so very many hours back in first-year reduced to rubble. On the other, I’m glad to see such an ugly building taken away from the campus … although I’d be far more glad if it hadn’t been replaced by an even uglier building.

  1. Oh, poor you. Hope you feel better now =^-^=

    Cool pixes hon!

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