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Horrors of the first day of semester

Here at work in the space of two hours or so this morning, we’ve had:

  • the student home directory fileserver die, so no one could log in
  • problems with the printing server
  • problems with computers refusing to talk to the authentication servers
  • and the campus SMTP server melt, meaning no mail for anyone (although yay! that one is Someone Else’s Problem)

I swear, the undergrads have wrought upon us a curse. Or something.


  1. That’s what you get for setting evil mutant ninjas to assasinate me.

  2. In my defence, they weren’t evil so much as, um, just not particularly nice. And they weren’t mutants so much as people who are moderately different, but still worthy of inclusion in any activity I may have been planning. In addition, it wasn’t an assassination attempt so much as a polite request that they pass on my deep concern at a particular series of activities that I had felt were mildly disconcerting.

    Hrm, maybe I should delete this thread before it’s immortalised by IA or the Google cache :-)

  3. I was going to complain about re-routing phone lines in the data centre and the documentation being wrong. (Well, at least I didn’t pull someones phone out).

    But it seems that my complaint is trivial…

    And then there is this thread of comments here…

    Good luck, Hourann… I have a feeling you’ll need that “force” to assist you.

  4. I see. Very well, I will forgive you just this once.

    Sorry to be a twit Daniel =^^=

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