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When you’ve got a gun …

I first heard about Last Train To Freo when it started filming — it sounds like a pretty awesome movie from a new local director. The early word is that it’s well-written and well-acted, and it stars Gigi Edgley, aka Chiana from Farscape!

It opens on September 14, but word is spreading and antzpantz has already taken to Photoshopping the promo photos. Inspired by his work, I present …

Last Train To Freo: if you see something, shoot something!

  1. Ahaha, nice one! What font did you use for the ad? I might make mine in line with the real ads too. :P

  2. Amusing, very amusing

  3. antz: all the PTA material uses Gill Sans — bold for posters, italic with selective bolding in logos, etc.

    Unfortunately for you, Gill Sans is one of the fonts bundled by default with Mac OS, but not Windows ;-)

  4. Ahaha… damn it!

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