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My Monday checklist

  • Four thousand word essay written in two days: check.
    (Actually I should be more precise: four thousand words of dribbly and incoherent stream-of-consciousness ranting, check.)
  • Impressive Eagles win that I had to miss on account of said essay: check.
  • Remaining alive despite having had about 30% of my RDSI (recommended daily sleep intake), due to several factors including said essay: check.
  • Change of leadership in Japan that was supposed to confirm one of the points of my thesis, but has actually invalidated it: check.
  • Leaving previous employer on account of being generally overworked: check.
  • Confusing, horribly eventful, and altogether up-and-down birthday last week — from being surprised by Awesome Helen with cake, to being stressed over not completing stuff on my last afternoon at work, to catching up with other awesome people at lunch, to being forced out of the Social Sciences building by a fire alarm at 8.30 pm, to forgetting to do a bunch of crucial tasks, to ROFLing at Adam’s take on Monty Python: check.

Now with all that out of the way, I feel like I might actually get something done now!

  1. Congratulations?

    Just think, it should be all over in about a months time… I still have until May to stress. :P

  2. I didn’t know it was your birthday last week… Happeh Birthday hon!!!

    Luv BK

  3. Hey, happy birthday. you do know you’re supposed to mention these thing, right? (Why yes, I can be a hypocrite, why do you ask?)

    I also missed the Eagles win, but in my case it was more a matter of careful strategic planning to do exactly that. (“Nope, sorry, can’t possibly come on Saturday, must work on thesis. And do maths assignment. And do engineering assignment. And avoid getting caught up in the packing whirl of mother before depositing her at the airport.)

    Er. It is very probable that I did none of those things (except the last two), but back-up excuses are always useful. =)

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