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End of uni, egad!

  • Briefly: while I am happy with the verdict in the Saddam Hussein trial, I’d argue that capital punishment is hardly the best way to deal with him. I thought the idea was to create a climate of international justice, not one of revenge killings by the victors of war. Then again, the trial’s hardly been perfect overall.
  • Meanwhile, my first & last exam yesterday actually went better than I expected (which hopefully isn’t a bad sign?) and I’m going to miss the caffeine-fuelled cramming with my comrades in our corner of the Scholars’ Centre leading up to it.
  • So this means that … yikes! I have actually finished (both of) my degrees!
  • Somewhat fittingly, my exam (i.e. last ever activity at UWA) was in Engineering Lecture Theatre 1, the same room as my first ever lecture at UWA. I ended up sitting pretty close to where (I think) I was in that class, too. Oh how I miss the days of Maths 101 …
  • As for next steps? Over post-exam drinks at the Queens last night (rather than the uni tav, damned Saturday exams!), several of us decided that feminism, while generally awesome, needs refashioning within a broader social justice agenda and with a more modern PR stance that is better reflective of its wide ambit. Consider yourselves warned. Vive la révolution! ;-)
  1. Congrats. ^_^

  2. You do know what this finishing uni thing means don’t you? You (and me next year) will finally have to join the ‘adult’ population with some alleged display of responsibility and the job that pays but only gives you 4 weeks a year holidays – not nearly enough time to galavant in!

  3. Wait a minute, you were in Enginerring LT1 for Maths 101 – that means you were in the slack 9am class, no wonder you miss the days of Maths 101!

  4. Hey, I more than made up for it with 8am lectures for Maths 102 and three second-year chem units!

    And as for being an adult: never! My current preference is to be described as a “highly educated bum”.

  5. ooooh, yes, with us they let us think we’d go away with a nice, slack 9am slot and then *bam* – second semester, 102 and 8am.

    Y’know, I’m pretty sure the only reason they do that to first years is that they know if they tried it on second years only half the class would show up and by third year there’d be no-one.

    Congrats =)

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