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Many shiny pixels!

The one thing I miss most from my old job is the iMacs with their gorgeous 50cm displays.

So what to do? Well, my slush fund had a bit of spare cash, and it’s the time of year to be celebrating … so I bought myself an end-of-thesis present :-)

[My shiny new Philips Brilliance 200W!]

And it arrived just in time to watch the Melbourne Cup, too.
(That quinella by the Japanese pair was awesome! It was plenty amusing to see the emotion on the faces of Delta Blues’ team when they won; closer to home I was also amused to see my sister successfully pick the winner yet again. But I don’t know why all the TV presenters get the idea that this win means there’ll be a sudden invasion and the Cup will be transformed into some sort of Japanese event.)

[Watching the Melbourne Cup on my new monitor]

  1. very nice!

  2. fluffylittlebunny

    I have two screens!!
    Grovel at my dual screen goodness…and then of course, there is my imac lappy :P

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