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A nerdy Web toy based on xkcd!

The most recent xkcd comic, Map of the Internet, is awesome for its sheer nerdiness factor. (Fractal curves! IP addresses! Compact mappings! And the hilarious mention of IPv6!)

I am so getting one of the big poster version when they become available. But also, lots of people have been pointing to the map to say “hey, I’m in this block here!” … and after reading this post in the forums I figured it might be cool to have a page that does this automatically. So after figuring out Hilbert curves, and concocting my own wild-and-probably-wrong guess (that another miniature Hilbert curve applies inside each /8 square), I present … plot yourself on the Map of the Internet!

  1. Oh wow… you’re getting a lot of viewers there!

    Good work, Hourann.

  2. Now that’s a very, very good idea.

    Quite fun putting people’s hostnames from IRC in it as well.

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