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In the Christmas shopping madness …

… I think someone was a bit hasty in programming their checkouts ;-)

Typing error in my receipt from Borders

  1. There’s a Borders in Perth?

    I have been gone a while!

  2. Oh dear, I can’t believe nobody told you :-)

    It opened just before you left, in the once-was-a-heritage-building that had housed Lincraft in the Hay Street Mall. See skribe’s description — tis currently the largest bookshop in Perth.

    Random quote from Wikipedia:
    “In 1997, the company established its first international store in Singapore … it has since opened another 40 stores in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.”

  3. That has been there since they opened. They’ve been told repeatedly about it but still it remains.

  4. Haha, fair enough then, I hadn’t noticed before.

    Perhaps, upon opening, they handed POS programming to some work experience kid who’d recently been reading ol’ Usenet posts by B1FF? ;-)

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