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My new DVD hardware

I have recently come into posssession of an LG V181 combo VCR and DVD player. It’s fun! and exciting! and not very expensive!

Our new LG V181 VCR+DVD combo

Amazingly (considering the price) it does quite a good job dealing with DivX and Xvid files. The only problems I’ve found are with high bitrates, where it (unsurprisingly) struggles, and with a memory leak that seems to occasionally hit long files, causing the audio to fall out of sync.

And thanks to this thread I found the means to make it region-free: open the disc tray, press 0000, and disable the region lock by pressing 0 again.

Unrelatedly: yay Russia for winning their first Hopman Cup! But boo to the official Web site, which still hasn’t been updated with the news.

  1. I miss all the good tennis season :(
    And I lost my good seat! – last year running have had a front row (A-reserve) seat to a non-Oz game!
    But yay to Russia.

  2. Others suggest this code for the LG V181:

    Enter DVD Mode
    Press Pause with no DVD in the drive and the door closed
    Type in 3141592 (first few digits of Pi :-) You don’t need to press anything after that ‘2’
    A menu appears asking you to set the region code 0-6
    Pick 0 for multiregion
    Press Pause to leave the menu

    I had to try this a few times. It may help to turn the power off and on, but it did work for me. yeah. v181. Nice unit. Love the DivX and XVid. Crazy they let you play these, but not DVDs purchased overseas. Movie studios are such dumbasses, aren’t they?

  3. Thanks for the info Pango — that code works for me as well (I got the region screen after just keying in 314159). Seems the LG engineers left multiple back doors to make sure we can multizone it easily ;-)

    The Korean electronics companies seem to listen to movie studios only when it’s required by their licences for the DVD standard. I reckon the studios tolerate this because they think DivX is never used by anyone but those crazy pirate haxx0r types …

  4. i have an lg rh7521w hdd/dvd,any ideas on multizoning it.thanks

  5. Ian, Google is your friend. The basic technique is the same — open the tray and press 0 repeatedly.

  6. THanks heaps for the region code other places want to charge $9.95 for this, worked first go and my sons are very excited about watching a new movie we got from US. thanks again!!!!

  7. help, changed my region code on LG RH7521W (00000000 but now cannot play some disc.
    Can I revert back to norn

  8. Hi Brian — your model is different so I don’t know anything about it, but on most of the players I’ve seen the unlock code gets you to a menu that lets you set it back to the fixed region it used to be?

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