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Happy Chinese New Year!

Green buns for Chinese New Year

May the Year of the Pig be prosperous for you all :-)

I was going to post something about Kevin Rudd, but I’ve been eating large quantities of food all day … amongst which the strangest sight was this:

Drying a chicken, with a hairdryer

Yes, that’s a chicken. And a hairdryer. It’s all part of my cousin’s elaborate fried chicken recipe (which is actually pretty good!).

The biggest disappointment was that it was really difficult to find out about New Year celebrations around town — even Simone’s otherwise-awesome blog didn’t have anything. The Chung Wah lion dance troupe seems to have focussed on individual restaurants (see skribe’s video of crackly fun) rather than the public celebrations for which they used to close off James Street (as you might see elsewhere).

  1. Oh don’t you worry, I was very dissapointed (and embarrassed!) not to have anything to post! (though I should have at least posted that I couldn’t find anything, I was a bit lazy, and busy last week…)

    I even emailed Chung Wah! :(

    I found a few random things that I still need to put on the blog though… there’s a lion dance at Livingston shopping centre on Saturday 24th, and fireworks at Burswood on Sunday 25th from 9pm (not being publicised because ‘they’ don’t want traffic chaos etc (apparently).

    Anyway, Happy Chinese new year to you too!

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