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Fiery delights!

Although I may have slightly freaked out the people I went with, my trip to the Freo Street Arts Festival yesterday was awesome. There was a curious theme of performers getting down to their underwear, but more importantly, there was fire!

Fyredanz: dude breathing fire next to a flamethrower spurting into the sky

Also from yesterday: Fremantle’s mayor reckons local voters will dislike having an outsider parachuted into our Federal seat after Carmen Lawrence leaves (because, you know, it’s pretty rare for the Labor Party to do that. Oh wait …). He’s been neither bad nor brilliant in his current role, and if he does stand as an independent I don’t see him winning … so what’s he hoping to achieve?

  1. We’re tough, we don’t freak out that easily.

    The festival was awesome! Very impressive and (usually) funny live street theatre, what more could anyone want? All those people who head out of Perth for Easter just don’t know what they’re missing out on.

    I’m thinking I may just have to go back tomorrow to catch the few shows I didn’t get to see yesterday.

  2. *phew*, I needn’t trot out the ol’ zombification excuse then ;-)

    (re: leaving town, I agree wholeheartedly!)

  3. I don’t know, leaving town isn’t THAT bad (not that I did) on account that I can’t forget that Down South exists, but living where I do I can easily forget (again) that the Freo Street Arts Festival is on. :(

  4. Of course, I’m currently in the interesting situation where leaving town and being in Perth are not mutually exclusive events =)

    And regarding freaking out, what J said. (And anyway, compared to come of the performers? Sorry, you’re pretty normal.)

  5. I totally saw you watching one of the street perfomers, (possibly the one in the picture?), but unfortunately I did not have time to stop and chat.

  6. Yikes! Is this revenge for all those years in which I claimed to be stalking you? :-)

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