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After much arguing, a baby step forward

Tomorrow’s Sunday Times reports that East Perth is the recommendation from John Langoulant’s Major Stadia Taskforce. They’d previously rejected the Burswood proposal, which was my preference since it’d have allowed the creation of an awesome new district, but this is indeed the second-best site. At least there’s hope for integration with the river.

The thing is, this is just a report recommending what, where, and how to build (and it took this long!). It’d be great to see even a vague sense of urgency on this project — a commitment to build, perhaps, or the commissioning of a notable architect. Instead, we have a drawn-out process that does a great job of considering a wide range of views … but doesn’t succeed on any other score.

  1. are you reading the paper of THE FUTURE?

  2. The short answer, “my RSS reader”. The longer answer: they publish early, have you not seen the Sunday paper spruikers at traffic lights on Saturday nights?

    (I’ve always wondered why those people only try to sell to stopped cars when there are far more pedestrians just walking past them …)

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