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Annoying website of the day: Tiger Airways

'System Error' on a Tiger Airways payment page

Bloody incompetent tech staff. I mean, most airline websites aren’t good by any stretch, but I’m trying here to give you people money, and the best you can do is give me a nondescript error!

  1. Oooh, where you going?

  2. Not me, alas. I am trying — and failing! — to buy reserved seats for my parents :-(

  3. Ah well, still better than Virgin – cancel every flight to Broome for the entire month of May and not bother to tell anyone who had already bought a ticket!
    And treat some of the customers who managed to find out via relatives/friends like rubbish – offering them a credit note!! Who needs a credit note for Virgin when you need to be in Broome for a wedding!

  4. daymne…

  5. Susan Cahalan

    I HATE TIGER AIRWAYS i have a page on facebook called I bet i can find a s*&t load of people who hate Tiger Airways!!! If you have Facebook feel free to join!!!!!!!!! always looking for new members who HATE Tiger Airlines!!!

  6. Susan, in fairness, they’re cheap: get what you pay for, and all that. They are also delayed less often than some of the major airlines in the US :-/

  7. I’d pay more to fly Virgin if you have to. Tiger will go out of their way to cancel your ticket if you show up 10 seconds past their 45 minute cutoff. From what I’ve heard, customer service is non-existant.

    My experience with them was terrible, they were very rude. Would NEVER FLY TIGER AIRWAYS.

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