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Paul Murray: “people on trains scare me”

A train at East Perth Station

I’ll talk stem cells sometime soon, but for now here’s a shorter version of Paul Murray’s column in today’s West Australian. (Annoyingly, it’s not online, but the editor had the gall to plug it on the front page mere days after the nation’s worst railway accident in years!)

So rarely do I lower myself to the level of public transport, I’m surprised to discover that trains don’t suck and are used by real, living people. But my copyeditor suggested throwing in the term “strap-hanging” so I’d look like one of the cool kids.

Not only have I never heard of the social psychology idea of conformity; I also have trouble distinguishing between London and New York, calling the latter’s subway the “Underground”, and will make a hand-waving argument to dismiss the fact that peak hour on their systems is socially no different to ours.

And since I don’t have a real job, I fail to understand why people who do might be tired when coming home, and therefore might take advantage of the chance to relax when someone else is driving.

(Oh, and by the way Paul, electrifying the Fremantle Line was the work of the Lawrence government, not Allanah MacTiernan.)

  1. I think you’ll find it was the Burke govt that reopened and electrified the Freo line, which had been shut down by the previous Court (Chuck not Dick) govt. It was one of the promises that won them the 83 state election.

  2. Hehe, alas, I don’t have first-hand memory of it ;-)

    According to the dates I can find, the line was reopened in 1983 during Burke’s time, but electrification was started by team Dowding in 1988, and declared finished in Sep 1990 by Lawrence.

    Maybe I should just call it “old Labor’s pet project” …

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  4. Paul Murrray is one of the world’s biggest idiots, as gone into in more detail here.

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