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Meme attack! “8 Random Things”

Only because AV asked nicely. Well, not that nicely — I’d have preferred a silver platter of some form — but the poor man is/will be on a teacher’s salary, after all :-P

I’m going to go all out with a non-traditional style of response, like so:

One hundred is the mean number of photos I’ve taken each day on recent holidays (n=24, σ=45.6). Hrm, a Flickr Pro account would be nice!

Two weeks is all it took during thesis-writing last year to change me from someone who never drunk coffee to someone who did so, um, rather frequently. I’ve since scaled back … a little …

Three is the number of times I’ve had to visit our sorry excuse for an airport in the last fortnight.

Four is the number of pairs of jeans, and also the number of pairs of shoes, that I own.

Five is the number of computers in this house. I’m tempted to Beowulf them or something, except that that’d still be less powerful than the server running this blog.

Six is a perfect number! This fascinated me so much when I learnt about it (somewhere round age 9) that I decided it should be my favourite number.

Seven is the number of years for which I played the flute back in school. I don’t think there was any point during those years when I didn’t suck, but it was kinda fun.

Eight is the number of friends I fear I’ve alienated through my own stupid disorganisation lately — I’ve been ignoring e-mails, forgetting SMSes, and breaking promises. (Sorry guys!)

Finally, whom do I tag to do this next? Nobody.

This is partly because I’m the kind of killjoy sysadmin who grumbles “you lot and your stupid memes and forwards, you’re wasting my bandwidth!”, and partly because last week’s Real Stories taught me that breaking online chains can earn you an interview on Derryn Hinch‘s show!

  1. Good work.

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