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Maybe not quite what he meant

Letter from John Jamieson, Liberal candidate for Fremantle

Alongside the news yesterday of John Howard repeating a $400m pledge for road upgrades across Perth (half of which is for the highways around Perth Airport in partnership with its owners; what, you say, the airport needs money elsewhere?!) was the first letter in my mailbox to tell me who my Liberal candidate is.

What struck me, apart from the absence of commitments to spend money in the region (which I think is the most prominent feature of Liberal campaigning so far), was this line near the end: “Don’t experiment with your vote.”


This seat has been held by Labor for decades.

It’d be an experiment to vote Liberal …

  1. This appears to be a template letter. I got a very similar one in Curtin.

  2. And I got the same one in Moore.

  3. And ditto me. For Tangney. Apparently while they’re remarkably quick to send out “Hi! You’re new here! Vote for me!” letters, they’re a bit slower to let go at the former location.

  4. I’m stuck in Stephen Smith’s safe seat. No letters from any bastard.

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