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Notch up at least one change so far

How symbolic of the Ruddster to ratify the Kyoto Protocol on his first day of officially being PM.

And just as the what-do-we-do-next Bali summit opens up, too. (Given how long and painful it was to get agreement at Kyoto, I am neither holding my breath nor hoping for anything, though we might hear about some wacky ideas.)

The Ruddster’s ministry changes are also intriguing, what with Julia Gillard being handed a new super-ministry (might she turn into a federal Alannah MacTiernan-type figure?). And it’s cute that he renamed “Communications” to “Broadband, Communications and Digital Economy”.

Meanwhile, the party on the other side of the fence is still all messy and backflipping on policy. But despite his promises of change I really can’t (yet?) see Brendan Nelson ever making it as Prime Minister …

  1. Agreed… not with those beady little rat eyes. Turnbull is much better looking.

  2. As long as Julia Gillard doesnt use the same hairdresser as Alannah MacTiernan she should be okay

    and renee, its your go for scrabble on facebook!

  3. A federal Alannah? Ai Ya!

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