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Not quite the same blog anymore

This blog has undergone a few transmogrifications in its brief life, but the last was long enough ago that maybe another is warranted now!

A few of you have already heard about the mad-cap plans afoot in my life at present. For those who haven’t, suffice it to say that I’m being lured away from home by the shiny screens and fat wallets of Silicon Valley.

Two weeks from now I will jump on an aeroplane. Not long after that, I’ll begin working at a startup called Vuze in Palo Alto, California.

This makes it a little difficult to continue blogging about Western Australian politics (though I am hoping to continue advocating the sensible development of Perth from afar). So you, dear reader, can expect a shift of topics: away from local issues and towards international matters, with smatterings of Federal politics both in Australia and in America-land. It’ll be like a comparative politics class or something!

Yes, this is madness … but they dangled overvalued dollars in front of me :-)

There’ll be a going-away party of some sort in the near future (check your mail!) and while away I’ll try to keep everyone updated of my status via such amazing technologies as Facebook and my Flickr account, not to mention this blog.

And when I return (tentatively in two or three years) I’ll hopefully be bringing back experience and contacts suitable for bolstering future attempts at world domination. But, ahem, maybe we shouldn’t talk about that now …

  1. VUZE! AZUREUS! Same thing. :P

    What are you going to be involved with over there?

  2. !!!!!

  3. Wow, congrats, how exciting!

    Look forward to following the journey on here!

  4. 2-3 YEARS???!

    You had not previously told me you would be away so long. :-(

    I am on leave from work next week. This means we should hang out before you disappear.

  5. Hey, if they need a software engineer with 4 or 5 years of experience hook me up with those big dollars!

    Meanwhile this sounds like the kind of adventure that interesting people have. Go forth and make this next little part of your memoirs the most exciting chapter yet!

  6. *shrug* World domination is fine, s’long as you let me have Australia =) (And, of course, the vast majority of the revenue generated therein – less an appropriate tithe to you as world dominator.)

  7. Overvalued dollars and all the warez and porn you can eat. Sweet! =)

  8. what are you doing for Vuze?

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