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Not-the-republic, and Chinese relations

  • The PM was right about one thing during the London stage of his trip: there are more important issues than another referendum on becoming a formal republic. It would be nice to have, but really, there are plenty of things needing fixing which don’t require a constitutional change.
  • Over in Kiwi-land, Helen Clark and friends have gone and concluded a free trade agreement with China! Kudos to them, since this will hopefully set a precedent for more open trade across the entire region. It is also probably good for New Zealand’s economy, although hilariously their Foreign Minister disagrees because he’s from a different coalition party.
  • For all the value of trade agreements, though, the Chinese government isn’t exactly the most popular kid on the block right now. They are making extraordinary concessions (by their standards) — there’d have been a ridiculous amount of hand-wringing within the ministry of communications before their Internet filters were set to allow BBC News and Wikipedia — but it’s still clearly far from adequate. And even though Tibet has been the catalyst for these protests, it’d be nice to hear, oh, renewed calls for democracy maybe, or for reform of China’s draconian judicial system, or more transparent economic policy, or indeed any transparency at all. I do hope that some change comes of this …
  1. Why is Clinton suddenly against China ?The clintons have gotten plenty of money from POOR Chinese immigrants (,0,1976718,full.story) Clinton encouraged trade with China and he signed the trade deal with China,and If He told the truth when he stated Hillary was his chief advisor during his term as President ,Hillary encouraged the China trade also then.All Clinton is doing is trying to distract attention from her campaigns LIES and her own LIES and sore some more votes .I don’t see the reasoning of boycotting the Olympic games ,the competitors in the games have worked hard and long to compete,and now Hillary wants to take their glory away by boycotting the games? It just does not make any sense to do this.An investigation SHOULD be done into the Clintons hidden money ,mainly where money came from that is now hidden in the Clinton Charity foundation.

  2. It’s a shame to see her exploiting the Olympics for her own political gains. Please leave Olympics alone. Shame on you!

  3. Guys, if you’re going to comment please stay on-topic. The post is about the Chinese government, not Hillary Clinton (she is just one of many criticising them).

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