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In my defence, I’ve been working a lot?

Friday 23 May 2008 at 7:31 pm

Sorry blog! I didn’t mean to neglect you for so long. Here is a slightly boring picture of Palo Alto.

University Avenue, Palo Alto, in autumn 2007

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Looking back upon Perth for a moment

Friday 2 May 2008 at 3:03 pm
  • So the owners of Perth Airport have finally announced a plan to upgrade the freakin’ thing. Coming home will be that much less painful … from 2015! In fact, said owners are so reluctant to get this process started that they have little more than a map to show — the press release contains the lovely admission that “concept designs are still being developed”. Going on what they have said, the plan isn’t bad, but neither is it great (regional terminal? yay! such a long walk away? eek!). And it’s still likely to turn out less than adequate — by their own boasting, passenger numbers are consistently growing a good 13% each year.
  • The State Government re-announced this week the Riverside development in East Perth, which is nice, and that Transperth fares will go up, which is less so.
  • And finally, the dear State Liberal Party is talking leadership spill again (over some stupid little indiscretion; does anyone even remember the Ruddster’s strip club incident?). Seriously kids, the election is nine months away. If you’re bickering about this now, your chances of success are zero.