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Jesus has … multiple points of view

Different Christian groups at the SF Pride Parade

So this is what they mean by freedom of religion! Spotted at the San Francisco Pride Parade back in June (which, incidentally, was a lot of fun).

  1. Ha Ha Aaron really enjoyed that photo!! Ive always wondered about word equations, it reminds me of something thats a maths in practice class would have done!

    Seems wierd theres alot of protesters though on the side, i dont think it happens in dullsville (Perth), though having never gone to a pride parade couldnt tell you for certain…

  2. To be fair, the people you see on the side are spectators — the actual protest crowd was maybe twenty people right up by the entrance of the building. SF is the most gay-friendly place in America, after all :-)

  3. I stil think you could have lots of fun with the equation. For exmaple, if you took christian from both sides, you’d get: Gay = OK – Christian
    Or maybe: Christian = Gay – OK
    Or even: Christian + Gay – OK = 0

    hmm, me wonders….

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