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Not exactly a thorough summary

  • What I’m now hearing described as the “financial crisis of 08-09” is of course complicated and still evolving; it is clearly nonsense to point to any one event as the cause. And yet, this article (note the date, in the height of the dot-com boom) nevertheless seems breathtakingly prescient. (hat tip, Brad on Facebook.)
  • Speaking of the financial crisis, it’s drawing out some rather interesting advertising plays. “Helping America emerge stronger”, hmmm?
  • To wrap up the California budget discussion: shortly after that last post I went to San Diego (which was wicked cool!) … and was amused to see the local public transport agency already and very publicly complaining about how the state government cut their budget, even distributing flyers on the trams!
  • Meanwhile back in WA, I am really not comfortable with all the mandatory sentencing noises being generated by the state (minority!) government. Do we really trust our politicians to determine prison sentences more than our judges?
  • And to conclude on another financial-crisis note: awww, poor Babcock and Brown — I can picture their i-banking rivals snickering. Although it is unfortunate that (what’s left of) the once-mighty Alinta is being strewn aside as a result of their collapse …

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